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National Mazkir (Director)
National Gizbar (Treasurer)
Jason Bourne
M: 073 845 6907
E: Mazkir
E: Gizbar

Rosh Durban
Deni Abergel
M: 066 211 9442
E: Durban

Rosh Johannesburg
Rosh Shivuk (Marketing)
Kani Thobakgale
M: 076 871 9168
E: Johannesburg
E: Shivuk

Rosh Cape Town
Rosh Chinuch (Education)
Rachael Bootcov
M: 072 601 3853
E: Cape Town
E: Chinuch



Making Judaism fun for tomorrow’s leaders

The Progressive Jewish youth movement, Netzer, provides regular events for young people ranging from Grade 1 to post-matric

Introducing the 2009 Netzer leaders

Netzer appoints an almost entirely new leadership for 2009, most of them graduates of the 2008 leadership tour in Israel.

Passing the light to the next generation

What happens when the youth are no longer so young? They join TaMaR, the young adults movement

Inspiration at the 2009 winter camp

Netzer South Africa celebrates its 30th birthday at Winter Camp Hashra’ah, or “Inspiration”

Letters home from Israel, Shnat 2009

Letters home from Netzerniks enjoying the 2009 shnat in Israel, give a sense of the fun they’re having

Netzer’s big 2007 summer camp

Get a taste of the fun you can have with Netzer, from our report and photographs of the December camp at Glencairn, near Cape Town.


Pictures from the 2006 summer camp

Michael’s the new Gauteng Shaliach

Meet Netzer Gauteng’s 2007-2008 shaliach, Michael Szczupak, previously an instructor in an Israeli youth movement.

Netzer visits Israel

The youth movement Netzer took 13 madrichim on a study tour of Israel in 2007 to learn about Progressive Judaism and independent Zionism.

Netzer goes mini-camping

Netzer, the Progressive youth movement, runs two succesful mini-machanot during the April 2007 school holidays, one outside Cape Town, and one north of Johannesburg.


Minimach Chofesh, group picture

Beating the Argus

Twenty youngsters in Netzer shirts took on the Argus cycle challenge in 2007 … for the sake of Progressive Judaism.