Beit Emanuel

Beit Emanuel Progressive Synagogue
38 Oxford Road, Parktown, Johannesburg.
Tel: +27 (011) 646 6170

Beit Emanuel, one of the largest progressive Jewish congregations in South Africa, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2014. Visitors are always welcome to attend our services and events and to join our regular Kiddush meals after the Shabbat services.

Ours is the most diverse Jewish community in South Africa: Sephardis and Ashkenazis, white and black, gays, Jews by Choice, South Africans, Americans and Israelis, the elderly in wheelchairs, and toddlers in prams. We strive for a community in which all these people find ways to participate and are fulfilled by it.

We hold regular cultural and community events to draw in members and make them more actively involved. Every Saturday we host JTalk, a popular discussion session which explores topics as diverse as Jewish literature, art and music, progressive values, spirituality, women in Judaism, ethical Kashrut, contemporary Israel, the work of prominent Jewish thinkers and more. We host regular film evenings, screening contemporary Israeli and diaspora features and documentaries. We are the only progressive synagogue to offer weekly Talmud study sessions. We have also held concerts with secular and liturgical music presented by our own choir, bingo evenings, quizzes, puppet-shows and sleepovers for the kids.

Find out more about our bnei-mitzvah classes and Jews by Choice programmes by phoning the Shul Office at +27 (011) 646 6170.