Netzer (Youth Movement)

Netzer (Youth Movement)


Netzer is a not-for-profit Progressive Zionist Youth Movement that started in South Africa in 1977 (it was then known as Maginim). Netzer is part of an international youth movement, Netzer Olami, based in Jerusalem. Our parent bodies include the South African Union for Progressive Judaism (SAUPJ), the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) and Netzer Olami.Our members include channichim (participants) ranging from Grade 1 to 12 and madrichim (leaders) who have completed high school, from all over South Africa. Our national mazkirut (managing body) is made up of university-going volunteers. Our main centres are in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria, and we also have other participants from around the country.We are active participants in the Jewish community, running regular meetings and regional events. Our events expose channichim to a range of relevant issues including Judaism, Zionism, social awareness/action, and social skills on an informal educational level.

Netzer members actively participate in our Progressive synagogues during Shabbat and the chaggim (festivals) by running services and organising fun, educational programmes for the whole family.

At all our events, we create an atmosphere based on values of respect, equality, tolerance and acceptance.

Netzer facilitates the training of future leaders, with the aim to develop people with a vision to constructively contribute to society. Leadership and informal education seminars are run throughout the year, particularly for Grades 10 to 12, with a national seminar during the winter holiday.

The culmination of our annual activities is realised on our national summer machaneh (camp) where madrichim and channichim learn about being informed Jewish South Africans. Summer machaneh is the time of the year where Netzer South Africa creates the Progressive leaders of tomorrow.

Where we are going

Netzer South Africa’s madrichim and channichim make significant contributions to the Jewish community and South African society at large by creating socially-skilled, dynamic people passionate about and committed to Judaism, community action, Israel and social justice.

Our long-term vision is based on two main aims: expanding our madrichim body and membership, and increasing the quality of our educational and ideological activities.

To achieve this vision, we are striving to build on our existing strengths and structures, ensuring our programmes are of a high quality and open up many opportunities to all our channichim.

Netzer provides a quality informal Jewish and Zionist education to its channichim and madrichim and secures the future of Jewish leadership in South Africa.

Nilmad v’Na’aseh! We will learn and we will do!



Teenagers at the annual Netzer summer camp, held in Glencairn in the Cape

Where to contact us

Cape Town: Tel: +27 21 464 6761. Email:

Johannesburg: Tel: +27 11 646 5543. Email:

Netzer’s big camp

Get a taste of the fun you can have, from these photographs of Netzer’s December camp at Glencairn, near Cape Town.

Netzer’s mini camps

Report and photographs from Netzer’s two mini-camps held during the April school holidays.

Beating the Argus

Twenty youngsters in Netzer shirts take on the Argus cycle challenge … for the sake of Progressive Judaism.