SAUPJ Telegram and Whatsapp Channels

SAUPJ Telegram and Whatsapp Channels

The SAUPJ has set up Telegram and Whatsapp “Channels” as a way for the SAUPJ to communicate occasional news updates to members of the Progressive Movement countrywide.

These Channels will also be available for Progressive Congregations and other SAUPJ affiliates to promote their special services, events, talks/discussions and news snippets outside their own circle of congregants, friends and supporters.

To have an item posted on the Channels, please send you image and/or a short text message to Images should be of a reasonable size for electronic publication, while text messages should be short, to the point, and should not require editing. Details such as the date, time, a brief description, the relevant Zoom or other videoconferencing platform details as well as contact details should be provided.

The Channels will be admin-only, i.e. only the Administrator can post to them, to prevent the groups from becoming “spammy”.

Members of SA Progressive Jewish Congregations and friends/supporters of Progressive Judaism in SA can subscribe to the Channels using the following links:



Please distribute these links widely to your congregants/friends/supporters and your own e-brigades.