Durban Progressive Jewish Congregation (DPJC) (Beit David)

The Durban Progressive Jewish Congregation (DPJC) is also know as Beit David (formerly Temple David). Established over 60 years ago, the synagogue serves the needs of a small but vibrant community. Weekly Shabbat and festival services as well as life-cycle events are conducted by the serving rabbi, Rabbi Hillel Avidan.

The Sisterhood of the DPJC caters for congregational functions, dinners and festival celebrations. In addition they are renowned for their many social outreach projects, in particular the Mavela Project which feeds about 120 child headed families and cares for terminal AIDS patients in the Nwedwe area of KZN.

Conversion classes are conducted by Rabbi Avidan during which candidates complete an Introductory Hebrew course.

Rabbi Avidan together with Dr Elaine Goldberg holds monthly bereavement group meetings for DPJC congregants, as well as bereaved people from the wider Durban society.

The Religion School holds weekly classes for children from the age of ten preparing the younger members for B’nei Mitzvah and living meaningful Jewish lives.

Netzer is an integral component of the congregation providing informal Jewish education, a platform for younger members to meet socially and leadership development opportunities for the youth of the congregation.