Declaration of Solidarity

Declaration of Solidarity

As members and supporters of the Jewish community, we affirm the democratic right of freedom of opinion, expression and association guaranteed to all citizens of the Republic of South Africa.

Those rights allow us to declare publicly our support for the State of Israel whose foundations lie in our historic and religious connection to the land and the unbroken Jewish presence there for three millennia.

We take pride in the outstanding achievements of the State of Israel and the many contributions to the betterment of humanity since its establishment more than 60 years ago.

We hope that peace and concord will soon be established between Israelis and Palestinians establishing mutual agreement, respect and growing cooperation.

We call on the international community and the government of South Africa to use all diplomatic means at their disposal to achieve the immediate release of abducted Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, held in Gaza by the Hamas since 25 June 2006.

We encourage all South Africans to live and act in the spirit of the Bill of Rights of South Africa and our motto, “Unity in Diversity” and to respect our democratic right as loyal South Africans to support Israel.

on Dalai Lama

We the South African Progressive Jewish Community, are appalled that the government of South Africa has refused to grant His Holiness the Dalai Lama entry into our country to attend the 2010 World Cup-organised peace conference in Johannesburg.
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