Temple Israel hosts Afrika Tikkun

Temple Israel hosts Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun was established in 1995 as a foundation to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged South Africans through empowering communities to uplift themselves. Afrika Tikkun has projects running throughout South Africa.  Afrika Tikkun’s Hillbrow Project – a crêche – is based at Temple Israel in Hillbrow.  Afrika Tikkun supplies this project with equipment for the school and training for its teachers, and the children are taken on various outings during the year.

According to the Afrika Tikkun Times, a Review of 2004, the school is now fully recognised by the government and a parents’ association has been established.

“Afrika Tikkun donates blankets, food and clothing to the Hillbrow street children and, twice a year, hosts parties for about 200 children.”

Former president, Nelson Mandela, is the ‘patron-in-chief’ of Afrika Tikkun. Other patrons include Gill Marcus, Raymond Ackerman, Eric Ellerine, Bridgette Radebe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Ronnie & Bertie Lubner and many more. Its chief executive officer is Herby Rosenberg.

“In the early days, Afrika Tikkun was approached to develop projects that would assist disadvantaged and impoverished communities in a variety of ways,” says the review.

“Experience has taught us to focus on the particular fields of expertise in which we excel. These include: skills development; pre-school education and development of crèches; day-care for the elderly and renovation of homes; primary health care and support with the emphasis on assistance to HIV/AIDS-affected patients and their families; home economic skills training, including computer literacy and instructor training; taking care of orphans and vulnerable children; and feeding schemes for vulnerable groupings; among others.”

Temple Israel chair Reeva Forman and Head of Projects Anne Harris with Afrika Tikkun children

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