Parsha Noah by Rabbi Margolis

Parsha Noah by Rabbi Margolis

Parsha Noah as submitted to Jewish Report but never printed

Sometimes change comes upon us in a flood without warning. On other occasions we are warned, but don’t take heed of that inner voice giving us the preverbal heads-up. If we are to succeed in our endeavours and our future, we would do well to pay close attention to those little warnings life provides us with.

If we look at this week’s portion, we observe that Noah, while having been given instructions and specific tasks, was initially dismissive of G-D. He did well to follow those instructions with the due diligences that he did. There is not only forethought in this biblical illustration but there is ultimately a very strong sense of balance.

The balance is observed in the animals being placed in the ark on a two by two basis – there being a male and female representative of each. Nature in its infinite wisdom dictates simultaneously, polaric opposites and a balance. Whether hot and cold, light and dark or male and female G-D never implies that the male species is more important than the female, all would do well to understand this principal of nature – just as with light and dark – one simply cannot exist without the other – neither is more important than the other – when seen in such a light “no pun intended,” how could they be?

The appearance of a female Rabbi in our part of the world, is a heads-up, a sign of change in our world. If we resent or resist such change, then we make “hot more important than cold,” – how could this be? We as a community would do well to find a balance, would do well to understand natures laws and embrace them as our own – natures laws are after all far higher than man’s (again no pun intended;) and once we have been sufficiently open minded to give each light and dark its full sway within our own mentality – then and only then, will we see the rainbow, that was otherwise hidden from our sight.